Cowboy Action Shooting – 2021

Date:  Saturday 6 February – Tuesday 9 February 2021

Venue: Wanganui Pistol Club, 1 Airport Road, Whanganui


Time: 9:30am – 4:00pm

Cowboy Action Shooting $125.00 per person (18 CAS stages over 3 days. Lunch and tea and coffee included)
Long Range: $30 per person

Charles Innes (Lindis Ranger), 03 438 9696


Saturday – Monday: Cowboy Action Shooting
Wrangler 30+, 49’er 49+, Seniors 60+, Elder Statesman (Males) 70+, Grand Dames (Women) 70+, Senior Duelist 60+, Senior Gunfighter 60+, Gunfighter Open, Duelist Open, Classic Cowboy Open, B-Western Open, Frontier Cartridge Open, Frontiersman Open
Tuesday: Long Range Rifle Cal
Single Shot Precision Shooting, Quigley Muzzle Loading (either smokeless and black powder). Open. Mixed.

Age: 30+

All SASS rules apply. All shooters must be holster qualified and a financial member to PNZ.  Wanganui Pistol Club has the right to not accept  any entry it considers will adversely affect the safety and smooth running of this event.
Shooters entering in Gunfighter have to at least shot duelist/double dualist at an Islands and Nationals and have had the approval of club instructor and section director to do so.
Firearms license must be presented at time of match.

Entries close: Friday 15 January 2021