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FAQ - Whanganui

What days are the sports on?
The sports are spread over the 9 days of the Masters Games.  The schedule for the games will be released late June which will detail all the sports, which days they are on, along with the minimum age to enter.

When can I register?
Registrations open on the 17th of August at which time you we are able to enter the New Zealand Masters Games 2018.  There is an early bird discount for registrations through until the 30th of November so it does pay to enter early.

Entries for most individual and team sports close late January.

How old do I need to be?
The lowest competitive age is defined by each sport. It can be as young as 18 (as in the case of Ice Figure Skating) and 30 as in the case of paddlesports, netball golf to name a few. On average most sports minimum is 30 and best yet there is no upper age limit.

I want to participate but need to find a team to join how do I do this?
We can assist with connecting you with a partner or a team to join.  Simply contact Charlotte on 0800 303 500 or

How many disciplines can I enter?
For sports that have multiple disciplines and events, you can enter as many disciplines and events as your sport programme allows, without having to pay an additional registration fee. It is the responsibility of each competitor to check the sports schedule prior to registration to ensure their sports/disciplines do not clash.

How much does it cost to participate?
There is a NZMG games participation fee along with a sports fee which is dependent on the sports you register for.

NZMG Participation Fee
Early Bird Registration (until 30 Nov 2017) $ 65.00
Standard Registration   (1 Dec 2017 – 8 Jan 2018) $ 95.00
Late fee    (9 Jan 2018 onwards)     $125.00
Supporters Fee $ 45.00

The sport that you register for will have a cost of which varies.  

What does my fee cover?
Your NZMG fee covers participation in the NZMG Games 2018, attending the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, access to the Otago Community Trust Games Village and attending the nightly entertainment options.  

Your sports fee covers participation in the sport you have registered for.