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Medal Engraving 2018

Fit enough, smart enough, strategic enough or just plain good and have won a medal?

Medal engraving-cropped
Dave Crean at the Games Village - ready and waiting to engrave your medals

Why not get it engraved and immortalise the moment.

Engraving is done on site at the Games Village - we're on the mezzanine floor just upstairs from the main entrance at the Games Village.


8am - 8pm every day throughout the Games except Sunday 11th Feb when we're open until 6pm.

If you've missed the boat then contact Promotional Accessories to arrange your engrave.

Dave Crean
Promotional Accessories
3 Leander Street
Papanui, Christchurch 8052
Phone: 027 430-3091 or 03 352-9536

Engraving is $9 per medal