About The Games

The Games

The New Zealand Masters Games is the largest multi-sport event in New Zealand. Held yearly, the event alternates between Whanganui and Dunedin. The 2020 Otago Community Trust New Zealand Masters Games was recently held in Dunedin from the 1st to the 9th of February.  2021 will see the games return to Whanganui with dates to be announced shortly.

The Masters Games offer a full range of sports to participate in for both summer and winter codes. There are opening and closing ceremonies, medals are awarded and we have a games village. You do not need to be an elite athlete to compete and you don’t need to qualify. Anyone can register for the Games – whether to win, to beat your personal best or to just have fun.

Competitor Age

The Masters Games is for athletes of masters age.  Every sport is different with respect to the age at which athletes becomes masters. However you’re a master at age 20 in swimming and generally a master in most sports by the age of 30.  With participants ranging from 18 to 95 and beyond there are opportunities to participate for everyone.

The Sports

With over 60 sports to choose from and more than 300 separate events, the Masters Games are for all sports people. From running to jumping, kicking to punting, riding to thinking, where skill, accuracy, energy or just a willingness to give it a go – we have it covered.

The Games Hub

The Otago Community Trust Games Hub was the place to be during the 2020 Masters Games. It all happens in Hub with nine fun-fill days and nights of entertainment, sports and action. New sports were competed, medal ceremonies awarded, and of course, with all day and night time action, this was as much for spectators as Masters.

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