Code of Behaviour

This policy was introduced to set out acceptable behaviour during the New Zealand Masters Games. All participants and supporters are expected to abide by this policy.

  1. I agree to play by the rules set out by tournament organisers for my Sport, and follow the rules as demonstrated by officials.
  2. I will promote excellent sportsmanship and fair play, both on and off the field.
  3. I understand that abusive, negative, racist, sexist, swearing, or derogatory  behaviour and/or comments are not acceptable, and this behaviour will not be tolerated both on and off the field.
  4. I agree to display graciousness in victory and defeat.
  5. I will not play while intoxicated, or under the influence of classified substances.

I understand that breaching any of the terms of this policy may result in the cancellation of my accreditation, and removal from the Masters Games.