Dancesport – 2021

Date:  Sunday 7 February 2021

Venue: Games Hub, War Memorial Centre Main Hall, Watt Street

Time: 10:30am (doors open at 9:30am)
Fees: $25.00 per person
William Chegwidden 027 249 1061

Events: Amateur Ballroom/Latin/New Vogue/Classical Sequence 30-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65-74 and 75+. Novelty Ballroom 30-44 ONLY. Rock n Roll Slow/Fast 30-49, 50+. Modern Jive Slow/Fast 30-49, 50+. Professional Ballroom/Latin/New Vogue/Classical Sequence 30-49, 50+. PRO-AM Ballroom/Latin/New Vogue/Classical Sequence/Modern Jive 30-49, 50+. Special Events Formation Teams/Show Dance Couples 30-49, 50+.

Grades: Registered, Non-Registered, Professional, Pro/Am.

The couples age group is governed by the age of the younger member of the partnership. Competitors may dance in their own age group, and the one below (not applicable to Rock n Roll, Modern Jive, Professionals and PRO-AM events). Dancers entering non-registered events must not have been registered within the last 5 years. Dancers registered within the last 5 years can only enter Registered events but do not have to re-register with Council or DanceSport to compete. Teams: Must have no less than three couples. 

Entries close: Wednesday 20 January 2021