Frequently Asked Questions

What days are the sports on?

Sports are spread over the 9 days of the New Zealand Masters Games. A sports schedule will be released which details all the sports available, which days they are on, along with the minimum age to enter.

When can I register?

Every participant in the Games must register and pay in order to compete. The easiest and fastest way to enter is online. Entries generally open around August.

How old do I need to be?

The lowest competitive age is defined by each sport. It can be as young as 18 (as in the case of Ice Figure Skating) and 30 as in the case of paddlesports, netball or golf to name a few. On average most sports have a minimum entry age of 30, and best yet there is no upper age limit.  

How much does it cost to participate?

There is a games entry fee along with a sports fee.  The games entry fee is dependent on when you complete your entry and the sports fee is dependent on the sport you enter in. The entry fee costs will be released with the games are launched in August 2020.

What does my NZMG Registration Fee cover?

Your NZMG entry fee includes the right to enter the Masters Games sports on offer and the chance to win a medal, a games handbook, a quality Masters Games bag, entry to the Masters Games Opening Ceremony, entry to all Masters Games Sports Venues and, 9 days and nights of entertainment at the Game Hub.   In many cases competitors will need to provide their own sports equipment.

The Entry Fee goes towards the running of the Games while the sports fees go to the sports club or association that is running the Masters Games event for their sport.

How many disciplines can I enter?

For sports that have multiple disciplines and events, you can enter as many as your sport programme allows without having to pay an additional registration fee. It is the responsibility of each competitor to check the sports schedule prior to registration to ensure their sports/disciplines do not clash.

I want to participate but need to find a team to join how do I do this?


If you require a partner to participate in a team event, many of the sports can assist with connecting you with a partner or a team.

If I’m part of a team do I still need to register?

Yes, every team member needs to register, pay the registration fee and sports fee. A team and all members of that team can be registered together or individually. Additional members can also be added to a team at a later date.

Do you have volunteers?

There are a wide range of volunteer roles available that cover all sports and venues at the New Zealand Masters Games. Volunteer roles are varied and a range of skills and experience are required. Applications for volunteers will open approximately 6 months out from the start of the games.

Can I have people come to events to support me?

We encourage you to have supporters at the event and we welcome them.  The supporter’s fee covers the entry to the sports events, a games handbook, a souvenir sports bag, access to the Games Village including the nightly entertainment and entry to the Opening Ceremony.

Fun Events

Aside from the traditional sports, we have a number of Fun Events on the schedule.  Fun Events give you the opportunity to try new sports, test different skills and are of course great social occasions to compete or team up with friends.  Whilst medals are still hotly contested, the biggest factor of the fun events is having fun.    Look out for the Fun Events Icon to identify these.

Para Events

Para athletes have been able to compete in the Games in some sports over the years.  For the 2020 event we have introduced a number of Para Masters grades into some of the existing sports events.  The Para events offer athletes that have an impairment the option to compete in the Masters Games in a Para division.  Sports on offer include Archery, Basketball – Wheelchair, Bowls Petanque Crackerjack, Cornhole, Darts, Power Lifting, Rowing – Indoor, Triathlon – Indoor and Volleyball – Indoor and Beach.  Look for the Para Icon to identify these events.