Ki o Rahi


Friday 10 – Saturday 11 February 2023


Springvale Park, 220 London Street, Whanganui



10:00am – 4:00pm


$30.00 per person

Entries Close:

Wednesday 1 February 2023


Justin Gush: 021 063 4429

Extra Information:

An exciting new sport for our 2023 Games Programme! 

Ki o Rahi is an ancient Maori game that has recently resurfaced. Based on a Purukau (legendary story) of Rahitutakahina and his adventure to rescue his wife Tiarakurapakewai who was kidnapped by Te Puhuru and his band of Patupaiarehe (fairy folk).

The game itself was developed through the trials and tribulations on Rahitutakahina’s journey, which was then used as an alternative to war as a means of conflict resolution. The most recent Maori knowledge of Ki o Rahi goes back to the Maori Battalion in World War II, and the game has only just reemerged again since then in the past 15 years.

Minimum Age:
20+ as at first day of competition

Age Groups:
All teams are open mixed – teams may register a total of 14 players, 8 players on the field and up to 6 reserves.

On-field teams must comprise of 4 tane (male) and four wahine (female) players.

Teams must have a player aged 30+ on the field at all times.


  • Teams must wear a uniform and either running shoes, touch boots or rubber cleats. No bare feet, metal studs or spikes to be worn. 


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